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(e sen see a) the nature, spirit, essence of…
“Yoga has the power to change you; to change your perspective,
to change the way you live, to change the way you LOVE.
Travel expands your horizons, your knowledge, and the way you experience life.
Together, Yoga and Travel have the ability to transform.

Come on RETREAT… it really IS all you could want or dream it to be!”

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I’m Kath Sinclair, founder of Essencia Retreats…

Essencia was born from my love of yoga and adventure entwined in my pure delight in the gorgeousness of doTERRA Essential Oils!  I was searching for a way to share the joy these passions bring to my life somehow with others…

It all started with a visit to the stunning island of Bali where I came across the most perfect venue for an adventure…  and it was there that the Essencia seed was planted! It became a driving force… to return and create a perfect week in this glorious paradise to share with beautiful like minded souls!

The Yoga portion of our retreats are facilitated by fully qualified yoga teachers with the most divine souls, beautiful hearts and a sincere desire to see us grow and flourish into the best version of ourselves.

We now offer an amazing annual retreat in East Bali and plan to expand to other simply gorgeous locations.  There are times in life when you just need to slow down, take a step back, and breathe… we have the perfect place to do just that!

Join me, as we delve into some personal exploration combined with daily yoga practice, breathtaking location, delicious nutritious food, local exploration and the encouragement and support of some pretty amazing like-minded travellers.It is a beautiful, heartfelt journey and we welcome you with open arms!


From the gorgeous, rustic accommodation to the most delicious & nutritious meals, Essencia Retreats had it all. My passion and love for yoga has grown so much since and I came away from the retreat, a new woman. Totally recharged!! Every aspect of the retreat far outweighed my expectations, and some! Can I give a score of 11 out of 10?

Sophie - Sydney NSW

My experience with Essencia retreats was totally divine! It surpassed all my expectations even though I tried to arrive without any.  I just loved surrendering to the beautiful space and the yoga. The venue was amazing, the room just divine. The Yoga pavilion: 10/10 with the most glorious view; As for the facilities: Nothing much more I could dream for; the service: The staff were respectful, thorough and so quiet.  It really was 5 star. Yes, I’m coming on the next one! YES – with flashing lights big bold highlights, you rock!  It was totally and utterly awesome!

Debra - Sawtell NSW

Yoga Retreats

Watch this space...

Due to the current health situation in our gorgeous world, all planned retreats have been placed on a temporary hold. We will be up and functioning again as soon as we possibly can.

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Essential Oils

We love doTERRA

doTERRA pure essential oils are revolutionizing the way families manage their health. Living an essential oil lifestyle means turning to Mother Nature, first, tuning in to this ancient plant wisdom and assisting your body to function at its optimum.

All without a synthetic, nasty toxin in sight. Essential oils work to restore balance on a cellular level and because of their teeny tiny molecular structure they can easily pass through our cell’s membranes and get to work.
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